Christmas 2023 Short-pay: OVERTIME

Specifically the shorted Overtime pay

The documentation I furnished several weeks ago failed to take into account the Overtime pay for PayPeriod 01 24, Week 1.  Rural Carrier Coordinator Mike Bailey confirms that ARCs are entitled to time-and-a-half overtime differential for hours worked in excess of 40 hours a week.

I worked 100.2 hours in the ten days prior to Christmas.
I was paid for only 76.69 hours.
23.51 hours are missing.

I worked 75.45 hours in PayPeriod 01 24, Week 1.
40 Regular hours plus 35.45 Overtime hours.
I was paid for only 17.77 Overtime hours (see pay stub below).
17.68 Overtime hours are missing.

Total missing hrs (23.51)
minus the missing Overtime hours (17.68)
equals missing Regular hours (5.83)

That 5.83 hours is the Regular hours I worked on Fri 12/15/23 (PayPeriod 26 23, Week 2).
Those hours did not appear on my pay stub (see pay stub below).  I was not paid for that day.

So my calculations indicate that I was not paid the following:
5.83 Regular hours ($118.82)
17.68 Overtime hours ($540.48)

1. Please confirm that the corrections you submitted on my behalf several weeks ago match these Overtime calculations.
2. Please let me know the current status of this matter.

I’m being forced to wait weeks (and perhaps months) for this pay, and have put in at least six unpaid hours researching, documenting and corresponding in regard to this matter.  That’s hard to accept when you consider that my pay was shorted five times out of six consecutive pay periods at this time last year, early 2023.  I don’t think Rural Carriers other than ARCs are experiencing this.    

For the record, the original documentation submitted to you weeks ago appears at this link:

These pay stubs are difficult to decipher.  I went back and studied this one.  It doesn’t seem to relate directly to the actual hours/days I worked, but I do now see the Overtime pay of 17.77 hours.  That’s only HALF the Overtime pay I earned.

Friday 12/15/23 (5.83 hours) should have appeared on this 12-22-2023 paystub.